What are we ASKING FOR?

  • Responsible and Sustainable planning


  • Infrastructure being IN PLACE BEFORE DEVELOPMENT - the infrastructure in Cullompton and surrounding area is already at capacity.


  • An end to vague suggestions being offered as incentives to agreement to development - i.e. station, motorway junction improvements, new schools etc.  All sound inviting but NOTHING IS GUARANTEED AND MID DEVON SAY THAT IT IS NOT UP TO THEM TO PROVIDE THESE FACILITIES.


  • The correct and most up to date data available to be used - the community must not be put at risk by relevant data being ignored.


  • We are asking what is in it for the existing community and residents of Cullompton! 

What are we AGAINST?

  • We feel that Cullompton is being exploited by the massive development being planned


  • Existing community - residents and businesses - being put at risk from - flooding, traffic chaos, loss of community, loss of environment, lack of schools, lack of healthcare and lack of adequate policing.


  • The vague suggestions being offered as incentives for agreement to development - with no guarantees that these offers can be funded or produced. 

Residents Against Cullompton Exploitation