Mid Devon Local Plan Review

What we know?

  • 1000 people wrote to Middevon to comment on the original proposal. The original plan has now been revised and is out for public comment.

  • Mid Devon is accepting comment on any amendments to the plan. Have your concerns/comments been addressed?

  • Is the infrastructure that so many were calling for been addressed (remember this is separate from the Garden Village funding and plan at this stage)​

What can we do?

  • Comment on review - Have your say!​

  • Appreciate that phase 1 (local planning review) has to stand on its own as a sustainable and sensible development.

  • Don’t let this go through without fully understanding the implications and impact it could have on our community.

  • Understand that there is a difference between the local plan review and the Garden Village status

Where we can find out more?

  • Contact the Mid Devon Local Plan review

          Email: localplanreview@middevon.gov.uk

          Phone: 01884 234334

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